Skin cancer education

How do I use my Skin Cancer Early Detection Tool?

The Early Detection Tool is designed to assist you in performing a regular skin self-exam and in identifying moles and other skin lesions.  Use the A,B,C,D and E tabs to check suspicious spots for signs of potential melanoma or other skin cancers.  Found something? Click here to find a local dermatologist.

What is Skin Cancer

Did you know there are several forms of skin cancer, each with their own characteristics and warning signs?  Watch the video and know what to look for.  Early detection save lives.  If you see a spot on your or someone you love, see a doctor immediately.

How to perform a skin check

Watch the video to learn how to perform a thorough skin check.  Do you know you should check the soles of your feet and underneath your nails?  Use the Skin Cancer Early Detection Tool to help answer 5 easy yes/ no questions of skin spots that concern you

Do you know what skin cancer looks like?

The images below are skin cancers that have been found on a variety of patients from their twenties through to their seventies.  Have you seen similar spots on yourself, family or friends?