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America’s #1 Skin Cancer Early Detection Tool

The Early Detection Tool is designed for staff to take home and use with the entire family.  In the US, skin cancer has had a lower profile in terms of public and corporate healthcare initiatives but that is changing with raising awareness around the growing incidence and costs the disease for individuals, employers, insurers and the healthcare budget.

Early Detection Saves Lives

That’s not a throw away line, it’s a fact that early detection saves lives with the added benefit of drastically reducing your healthcare costs


  • The survival rate for early stage melanoma diagnosis is 98%.
  • Over 55% of costs associated with melanoma come from treatment of late stage lesions
  • Each year more than 5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer at an estimated cost of 8.1 billion, with incidence rates doubling in the past twenty years.
  • Produced with The Skin Cancer Foundation, The Early Detection Tool has been developed using the ABCDE method of melanoma detection, the clinical best practice used by dermatologists and physicians worldwide.
  • Treating early stage melanoma is up to 17x cheaper than late stage melanoma, which can cost over $150,000.

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